Picture of Nancy

Nancy Nelson

President, Co-Founder

Nancy Nelson is responsible for providing innovative and practical contract management solutions for companies interested in implementing contracting best practices.

Picture of Anoop

Anoop Kashyap

Vice President, CO-FOUNDER

Anoop Kashyap specializes in providing strategic transformation advisory Services to legal and contract management departments. He has over 13 years of experience

Picture of Greg

Greg Nelson


Greg Nelson is responsible for all corporate Information Technology strategies at ABiz Corporation. Greg has over 35 years of experience in the Information Technology field.

Picture of Archana

Archana Dwivedi

Vice President

Archana Dwivedi is a self-motivated and enthusiastic person with 10+ years of diversified experience in Contract Management, Banking Analytics and Human Resource Outsourcing.

Picture of Gurupyari

Gurupyari Dwivedi

Vice President Service Delivery, CO-FOUNDER

Gurupyari Dwivedi is responsible for the smooth, timely and high quality delivery of contracted services to various clients. She has 9+ years of practical experience in the Contracts Management field managing various global contracts.