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Contracting Without Language Barriers

ABiz Corporation has added Bulgaria to its growing list of sites to deliver multi-language contract and commercial management services to its global customers, offering agility, clarity and innovation to unlock value, create efficiencies and reduce risks. ABiz Corporation, a premier contract, commercial management, and consulting company, is now delivering services in multiple languages from Sofia, […]


How can commercial contract management help a company’s profitability through automation and efficient contract administration?

We previously explored the many things a commercial contract management (CCM) department can contribute to enhancing a company’s financial position in the pre-execution and post-execution phases of the contract lifecycle. This post will look at some of the things we can do with automation and efficient contract administration. Automation – If done properly and with the right sponsorship, automating the […]


What are the top 10 elements of an effective benchmarking clause?

Complex, long term contracts require some mechanism to determine whether prices, over time, are competitive with the market.  This is especially true in the IT field where technology and prices tend to change rapidly.  Benchmarking clauses allow customers the opportunity to ensure their prices really do remain competitive over time. In order to make sure […]


Do you know the difference between a Most Favored Customer (MFC) clause and a Benchmarking clause in your contracts?

Do you understand the purpose of both of these clauses?  Here is a simple, practical explanation to keep them straight. Let’s start with the similarities. They are both price comparison clauses. The price comparisons are meant to help assure that customers receive the most competitive pricing from a supplier. They both typically require an obligation […]


Do you want to know more about Contract Management?

In our line of business, we get many requests for help, information and instruction on various topics in relation to contract management, contracting best practices and organizational improvements from both clients and employees.  Rather than keep all of this information to ourselves, we have decided to share some of this information with our network with […]


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