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The Fundamentals of Commercial Contract Risk 4-12 – blog post

The Fundamentals of Commercial Contract Risk

Risk will always have a place in the contracting process. If strong contract management is established, it plays an integral role in creating and developing risk management strategies to identify, assess, and mitigate risks associated with the contract. Businesses typically manage a diverse range of contracts, from sales to supplier agreements, each varying significantly in […]

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The Reality Check! Assessing Contracted vs. Performed Obligations

As an Account Executive or Project Owner, are you certain that the services being delivered align with your contractual commitments? Understanding your contractual obligations and assessing them against the real environment are two different things. It’s a common scenario faced by many stakeholders, particularly those not involved in day-to-day delivery who often lack insight into […]

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Why a CLM System Won’t Solve All Your Contract Management Problems

Why should you critically examine the arguments for investing in a contract management system? It’s crucial to address this question, as the landscape is often dominated by consultants and system vendors who advocate passionately for the acquisition of such systems. They frequently present these systems as panaceas for all contract management problems—and yes, I deliberately […]

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Women Entrepreneurs and Contract Management

The recent accolade bestowed upon ABiz’s Vice President, Gurupyari Dwivedi, affectionately known as “GP,” underscores the critical role of women entrepreneurs in today’s business landscape. Her recognition by Women Entrepreneur India as one of the “Top 10 Women Legal Consultants – 2023″ is a testament to her profound impact and leadership in the industry. This […]


How can commercial contract management help a company’s profitability through automation and efficient contract administration?

We previously explored the many things a commercial contract management (CCM) department can contribute to enhancing a company’s financial position in the pre-execution and post-execution phases of the contract lifecycle. This post will look at some of the things we can do with automation and efficient contract administration. Automation – If done properly and with the right sponsorship, automating the […]

an overview of services

An Overview of our Services

As you provide the services and products your company is known for best, you may be struggling to successfully maintain the structures and features that support your business, such as your contracts and contract lifecycle. We know these areas can seem overwhelming, especially if your staff are already stretched thin with daily responsibilities. That’s where […]

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Contract Simplification Explained

Recent research by the World Commerce & Contracting “reveals that more than 90% of business people find contracts ‘hard or impossible’ to understand.” You have likely felt that very same thing. It could be as you read the contract or listen to someone explain the nuances to you. We know a simpler way exists. We […]


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