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Effective contract management begins with establishment of the correct operating model for your company based upon your company goals and requirements. Our team of experienced consultants who have set up their own contract/commercial management, shared services and offshore organizations can help with any phase or activity in the process from initial planning through implementation and beyond. Below are a few key areas where we can lend assistance to your organization:

Contracts And Legal Shared Services Model Establishment

We provide you with the required consultancy for you to smoothly set up either an offshore or onshore, outsourced or managed shared services model, from scoping the location to efficiently running the organization.

Setup Offshore Model

We help you to set up an offshore Contract Management/Legal operation for your global/MNC, either in India or near shore in other low cost locations around the world.

Establish Onshore Model

Should you choose to create an onshore shared services presence, we can help by identifying the various activities required to consolidate locations and functions into a leveraged organization based on your company’s operating model and desired results.

Outsourced/Managed Model

With either the offshore or onshore model, we can develop this organization for you with your hired personnel, or we can establish the organization and run it with our personnel, which can be fully transitioned to your company at any time. The level of control and management is entirely your decision.

The capability maturity model helps companies that are undergoing a transition or transformation, or just looking for increased efficiencies to benchmark their existing commercial contracting functions against global standards of performance. Upon completion of the benchmark assessment, our consultants will then work with you to develop initiatives and programs to enhance your contracting function based on your goals and professional best practices.

CLM is the proactive, methodical management of a contract from initiation through award, compliance and renewal or exit. Implementing a CLM solution can lead to significant improvements in cost savings and efficiency. Below is a sampling of the outcomes/benefits you will experience upon implementation of the correct CLM solution for your business:

  • Efficient and organized contracts management
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced organizational liability/risk
  • Increased and timely compliance with legal and contractual requirements

We can help with the identification and selection of your CLM system solution through implementation and contract migration.

The sales proposal cycle involves the review of RFPs, preparation of pricing, statements of work, contract reviews and negotiation, contract execution. We handle all of the contract activities and coordinate with subject matter experts on pricing and statements of work. We can manage the entire process to ensure compliant and successful proposals.

A primary role of effective contract management is maintaining, advising and bringing to closure all open issues and actions of a contractual nature and managing the opportunities to grow the business. We can help establish process controls to facilitate timely issue and opportunity management that can help your accounts achieve their economic game plan.

Effective end to end contract management is a need of every company whether as a supplier or customer. Every company is facing challenges to manage the increased number of contracts and deliver effectively at minimal cost. Our company is here to assist you in setting up a low cost, effective and leveraged right shore model to supplement your existing staff or to fully perform these activities for you on an ongoing basis.

For companies seeking supplemental contract management services on a transactional basis, we provide these services through our efficient and secure web-based workflow tool. Once you have been established as a customer in our system, you can request individual services 24 hours a day. These services will be measured against service performance indicators for both quality and timeliness.

We have the expertise to handle end to end contract management starting from the pre-execution phase through the exit phase. Samplings of the services in each phase of the contract lifecycle are listed below:

Pre-Execution Activities

  • Contract and Proposal Review
  • Contract Negotiation and Risk Management
  • Third Party Agreement Due Diligence
  • Preparation Of Contract Summaries And Briefings
  • Obligation Extraction And Management
  • Contract Metadata Extraction And Repository Input
  • Change Management and Contract Conforming
  • Third Party Agreement (TPA) Transition and Transformation
  • Development of Contract Templates and Playbooks
  • Prime Contract Flow Down Development
  • SOW, Work Order and Change Order Reviews
  • Contract Research

Through the utilization of a comprehensive exit checklist customized to your business, our team can perform such activities as third party agreement assignment, novation or termination, preparation of asset transfer agreements, management and closure of exit obligations and preparation of exit briefs for your project or account teams. A few of these activities are outline below:

  • Third Party Agreement Disengagement And Exit
  • Termination Letter/Notices
  • Managing, Monitoring Exit Obligations

Contract Management is a growing field and becoming recognized as an increasingly more important function in many companies. We can train and mentor your contract management personnel in more complex contract management responsibilities to enhance the capabilities of existing staff. ABiz also offers comprehensive or targeted commercial contract management training through seminars or at conferences.