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Contract Management

With offices located in the U.S., India, and Bulgaria, ABiz Corporation can provide a full scope of cost effective and high quality services which range from extremely sophisticated consulting services to a variety of contract management services which span the entire contract lifecycle.


Effective contract management begins with establishment of the correct processes and operating model for your company

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Contract Review and Negotiation

Effective pre-execution contract management is the first step toward a strong contracting foundation

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Contract Management

Effective post execution contract management is a need of every company whether as supplier or customer

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Training & Mentoring

Contract Management is a growing field and becoming recognized as an increasingly more important function

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We Take Pride


FOCUS: Performance and Efficiency

Contact Management is complex. We embrace it head on to propel your organization forward. Our success is based on never assuming the way we’ve done things in the past will work for your needs. It’s why our clients and partners value us as the most innovative and solution-oriented partner in the industry.

Contract Management Innovators
  • Do you need to minimize or reduce your contracting challenges? CLICK HERE for Best Practice questions that might resonate with your current challenges.

    1. Struggling to find and track your contracts?
    2. Are the majority of your contracts, standard contracts?
    3. Is your contract management function short staffed?
    4. Are you looking for automating the entire contract creation, review, negotiation and execution process for your contractual documents?
    5. Do you find it difficult to track the different versions of the contracts during review and negotiation?
    6. Is your Contract Management team handling all the functions and activities they should be?
    7. Have you ever thought of establishing a centralized or offshore contract organization?
    8. Have you selected and implemented a contract management system?
    9. What have you done to move your department closer to obligation optimization, where you aren’t negatively impacting your revenue?
    10. Do you have troubled contracts, accounts or programs affecting your company’s reputation, P&L and liability?
    11. Are you over-delivering, under-delivering or not obtaining the value you bargained for from your contracts?
    12. Are your low risk clauses causing major risks given the changing environment?

ABiz is the Solution

ABiz Corporation is a premier contract, commercial management and consulting services company that takes pride in providing cost effective, high-quality, innovative and secure solutions for its clients. ABiz Corporation team members have a deep knowledge of all aspects of the contract lifecycle and contracting best practices which will allow your internal resources to be utilized for more strategic responsibilities and allow us to be a partner with you in any contract and commercial transformation program. Our team is comprised of industry leaders known for providing contracting solutions to improve organizational efficiencies and reduce operating costs. Our expertise is based on actual experience instead of theory, which will provide our clients with solutions to fit their environment and will help them to achieve operational efficiencies and meet their financial goals.

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