Effective contract management begins with establishment of the correct operating model for your company based upon your company goals and requirements. Our team of experienced consultants, who have set up their own contract/commercial management, shared services and offshore organizations can help with any phase or activity in the process from initial planning through implementation and beyond. Below are a few key areas where we can aid your organization:

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) System Selection, Design, Implementation

CLM is the proactive, methodical management of a contract from initiation through award, compliance and renewal or exit. Implementing a CLM solution, if done correctly, can lead to significant improvements in cost savings and efficiency. Below is a sampling of the outcomes/benefits you will experience upon implementation of the correct CLM solution for your business:

  • Efficient and organized contracts management
  • Ability to extract contract Intelligence
  • Complete contract visibility
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced organizational liability/risk
  • Risk identification and mitigation through increased insight into contract performance and processes
  • Faster contracting time due to implementation of clause and template library
  • Increased and timely compliance with legal and contractual requirements

We can help with the identification and selection of your CLM system solution through implementation and contract migration.

ABiz Simplex Methodology/Services - Clarity through contract simplification

Simplex is ABiz’s innovative methodology for contract re-design (structure, format, look and feel) and development. Below are some of the benefits:

  • Anyone can understand the contract
  • Easier to negotiate
  • Better contracting experience
  • Faster “time to contract” resulting in more deals completed in a shorter time frame
  • Changes to Terms and Conditions are quick and easy
  • Reduces mistakes in interpretation

Contracts and Legal Shared Services/Legal Ops Model Establishment

We provide you with the required consultancy for you to smoothly set up either an offshore or onshore, outsourced/ managed shared services or Build-Operate-Transfer model, from scoping the location to efficiently running the organization.

  • Setup Offshore/Nearshore Model - We help you to set up an offshore Contract Management/Legal operation for your global/MNC, either near shore or in other low-cost locations around the world.
  • Establish Onshore Model - Should you choose to create an onshore shared services presence, we can help by identifying the various activities required to consolidate locations and functions into a leveraged organization based on your company’s operating model and desired results.
  • Outsourced/Managed Model (with or without technology) - With either the offshore or onshore model, we can develop this organization for you with your hired personnel, or we can establish the organization and run it with our personnel. Under this model, we are equipped to deliver most of CCM services with the use of our technology, Contract Assist (powered by smartContractTM). This managed service solution provides you with a team of contract experts to help you gain control of your contracts.
  • Build-Operate-Transfer - This model works in a phased approach wherein we design and build a Contract and Commercial Management function inclusive of policies, procedures, templates, forms, checklists, playbooks and other necessary operational documentation. We ensure the CCM team operates smoothly and finally it is transferred to the client’s environment for smooth ongoing functioning. The level of control and management is entirely your decision.

Development of Standard/Custom Playbooks

The Playbook is a tool used to assist in contract reviews. It provides a list of contract clauses along with general guidelines, standard positions, fallback positions and walkaway positions to assist a reviewer in the review and negotiation for specific contract types. We spend a some quality time to thoroughly review different agreement templates to develop the playbook.

Risk Management Program and Deal Analyzer (Heat Map)

The Deal Analyzer shows, in a color-coded format, the risk status of a particular deal measured against each identified key playbook clause standard/fallback position. It also identifies the approval level required for any significant exceptions to the Fallback Positions.

Policy Development and Streamlining

Various contract management processes and policies