Effective post-execution contract management is a need of every company whether as a supplier or customer. Every company is facing challenges to manage the increased number of contracts and deliver effectively at minimal cost. ABiz is here to assist you in setting up a low-cost, effective and leveraged right shore model to supplement your existing staff or to fully perform these activities for you on an ongoing basis, with or without technology.

Transition and Post-Execution Activities:

  • Preparation of Contract Summaries and Briefings
  • Obligation, Service Level and Key Contract Metadata Extraction
  • Obligation Management
  • Creation of Decision Trees for various Contractual Processes
  • Contract Metadata Extraction and Repository Input
  • Change Management and Contract Conforming
  • Development of Contract Templates and Playbooks
  • Invoice Reconciliation
  • Prime Contract Flow Down Development
  • SOW, Work Order and Change Order Drafting, Reviews and Redlining
  • Contract Restructuring
  • Contract Research/Interpretation
  • Standard contract comparative analysis (with different contract versions)
  • Development of contract checklists, helpful hints
  • Risk, Issue and Opportunity Register Management
  • Gap Analysis between Executed and Standard Contract Templates

Exit Phase Activities

Through the utilization of a comprehensive exit checklist customized to your business, our team can perform such activities as third-party agreement assignment, novation or termination, preparation of asset transfer agreements, management and closure of exit obligations and preparation of exit briefs for your project or account teams. A few of these activities are outlined below:

  • Termination Letter/Notices
  • Managing, Monitoring Exit Obligations
  • Obligation Management
  • Third Party Agreement Disengagement and Exit

Technology-Enabled Contract Lifecycle Management Services:

Several contract lifecycle management (CLM) activities can be performed more efficiently with the use of technology. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is leveraged by organizations for contract analytics, metadata extraction, contract data cleansing and other such activities. ABiz works with technology partners to design innovative technology solutions for our customers’ transformation journey. A sampling of the technology-enabled services are shown below:

  • Contract Lifecycle Management System (CLMS) selection, evaluation, and implementation, including development of metadata, clause and template library and contract repository design and setup
  • Contract creation, review and negotiation
  • AI-enabled metadata extraction workflow
  • Contract tracker design and implementation
  • Proactive performance management including service level and obligation tracking and management
  • Risk and issue management
  • Functional and stakeholder reports design and implementation

"World Commerce & Contracting has been working with and supporting ABiz since their inception. They have a deep understanding and appreciation of the challenges that organisations face in commercial and contract management and bring both practical and sustainable solutions to their clients."

Sally Guyer,
Global CEO, World Commerce & Contracting; Chair of the Board at Open Contracting Partnership