Effective pre-execution contract management is a key activity whether as a supplier or customer. There are various contracts that get executed in a company under different business units/functions. Every company is facing challenges to ensure consistency in their standard position and avoid agreeing to any risky terms. ABiz is here to assist in contract creation, review and negotiation based upon your company guidelines and playbooks for both customer and supplier agreements. We can fully perform these activities for you on an ongoing basis, with or without technology.

For companies seeking supplemental pre-execution contract services (with or without technology) on a transactional basis, we provide these services through our efficient and secure web-based workflow tool. Once you have been established as a customer in our system, you can request individual services 24 hours a day. These services will be measured against service performance indicators for both quality and timeliness.

Pre-Execution Activities:

  • Contract and Proposal Reviews, Negotiation
  • Drafting of contractual clauses
  • Drafting of Contractual documents/RFP/Amendment
  • Negotiation Support
  • RFP Response Gap Analysis
  • RFP Gap analysis against Company Standards
  • Vendor Market research
  • Drafting LOIs, Memorandum of Understanding
  • Third Party Agreement Due Diligence and General Due Diligence Support