Typically Contract Management is a COST CENTER

Ineffective contract management can erode company profits by driving up overall legal spend. Lack of controls, penalties for not meeting contractual obligations, and other major risks can lead to a highly inefficient contract management function. Most teams respond to their rising legal costs by cutting their staff, forcing a smaller legal and contract management team size that need to simply do more with less; this ultimately does more harm than good, and leads to a shortage of knowledgeable resources that makes contract management even more difficult.


ABiz provides end-to-end contract management services that help clients manage the ever-increasing number of contracts effectively and at minimal cost to them on both the buying and selling side, including:

  • Key pre-execution activities
    • NDA, Contract and proposal drafting, review, negotiation
    • Due diligence
    • Renewal support
  • Transition and post-execution activities
    • Contract research
    • Contract summaries/briefing
    • Obligation management
    • Change management support
    • SOW management
    • Gap analysis
    • Market research
  • Exit phase activities
    • Targeted briefing
    • Targeted obligation tracking
    • Third-party agreement disengagement
    • Novation or termination
    • Asset transfer preparation/management

From RFP development, to negotiations, hand-over and post-contract management, ABiz advises on the appropriate sourcing mix and integration of people and technology, using market knowledge, expertise and insight into your customer’s needs. By leveraging right shoring options for the service performance, either domestic or offshore, ABiz helps supplement or replace internal contract management efforts.

Our approach stops the madness of:

  • Reoccurring surprises
  • Continual revisions to forecasts, budgets or estimates
  • Non-collaborative, ineffective corporate reviews