Based on years of collaboration with leaders in tangential professions, we have developed a well-connected network of high-quality service partners in other specialty areas such as:

  • Contract Lifecycle Management System suppliers
  • Finance, HR, Payroll, Procurement BPO suppliers
  • Legal Service Providers
  • Commercial Deal Strategy Optimization Consultants

We can introduce you to these partners to work with independently or integrate our contract and commercial management solution easily with theirs depending on your company’s objectives.

RZ Strategies Group specializes in optimizing contracting operations. RZ Strategies Group can help your company avoid the many common pitfalls of the commercial process, optimize your contracting and commercial management, drive efficiencies and scalability into your company’s transactions, and produce more predictable and visible deals.

Evisort is the first AI-powered contract management software, offering a suite of contract workflow and management capabilities to improve efficiency, reduce risk, and gain visibility into any contract. Evisort’s platform automatically aggregates contracts from across the business, creates streamlined approval processes, and applies advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to provide real-time analysis so your legal, contract, and procurement teams can accelerate your businesses.

CCube Consulting’s vision is to be a leading commercial practitioner which helps companies to extract more business value from their contracting process. As a specialist in commercial and contract development and management, we support you along the contracting process lifecycle from strategy development, the tender process, contract negotiation and contract management and thus enable corporations to improve their competitive positioning in the digital age.

smartContract develops innovative software solutions that have enabled some of the most successful companies to improve their work productivity and professional growth. They provide customization products as tactical applications which address important business needs. Their range of products empower companies to respond quickly and decisively to vibrant market conditions thereby helping them achieve as well as maintain a competitive advantage.

ThoughtRiver delivers an AI-based automated contract review technology to speed up the contracting process by pre-screening the contract, answering key legal questions, and then serving up detailed advice and guiding users through remediation within Microsoft Word. The end result is an increase in deal velocity allowing companies to sign more deals and pull revenue forward.

World Commerce & Contracting is an association dedicated to helping members from all around the world, achieve high performing and trusted trading relationships. We are committed to researching, advocating, improving capabilities and helping our members to connect to share knowledge and leading practice. We address the growing need across all private and public organizations for everyone to be able to prepare, understand and manage contracts, and be skilled at managing commercial relationships. Join us on our journey to reimagine commerce.

Sirion Labs is bringing together category-leading innovation, unrivaled Contract Lifecycle Management expertise, and a deep commitment to customer success, SirionLabs helps the world’s leading businesses contract smarter. Powered by intelligence uniquely connected across the complete contract lifecycle, SirionLabs’ easy-to-use, highly configurable Smarter Contracting platform brings legal, procurement, sales, and business teams together to author stronger contracts, improve risk management and strengthen counterparty relationships. SirionLabs is trusted by over 200 of the world’s most successful organizations to manage 5+ million contracts worth more than $450 billion across 70+ countries.

Leaflet Corporation, based outside of Boston,designs, sells and supports the Leaflet Document Generation and Negotiation Platform. Leaflet leverages its patented technology to create automated templates (No Programming Required), and Clause Libraries for document and contract drafting. Leaflet enables collaboration between teams and clients with Microsite Portals, configurable workflows, and automated approval processes. Leaflet’s Platform fits seamlessly into existing environments and integrates into leading DM, CRM, CLM, eSignature solutions, and Microsoft Office 365. Leaflet solutions are used by Fortune 1000 companies and both AmLaw 200 and mid-sized law firms.